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ESDD – Volume 4, issue 1

Volumes and issues  
Consistent increase in Indian monsoon rainfall and its variability across CMIP-5 models   
A. Menon, A. Levermann, J. Schewe, J. Lehmann, and K. Frieler
Page(s) 1-24
Abstract   Discussion paper (PDF, 1485 KB)   Interactive discussion (closed, 6 comments)   Final revised paper (ESD)   

  07 Jan 2013
Estimation of the climate feedback parameter by using radiative fluxes from CERES EBAF   
P. Björnbom
Page(s) 25-47
Abstract   Discussion paper (PDF, 609 KB)   Supplement (213 KB)   Interactive discussion (closed, 12 comments)   Publication in ESD not foreseen   

  09 Jan 2013
A trend-preserving bias correction – the ISI-MIP approach   
S. Hempel, K. Frieler, L. Warszawski, J. Schewe, and F. Piontek
Page(s) 49-92
Abstract   Discussion paper (PDF, 1378 KB)   Interactive discussion (closed, 8 comments)   Final revised paper (ESD)   Special issue

  21 Jan 2013
Radon monitoring as a possible indicator of tectonic events   
V. I. Outkin, I. A. Kozlova, A. K. Yurkov, P. K. Dutta, O. P. Mishra, and M. K. Naskar
Page(s) 93-107
Abstract   Discussion paper (PDF, 1314 KB)   Interactive discussion (closed, 15 comments)   Publication in ESD not foreseen   Special issue

  21 Jan 2013
Hydrological cycle over south and southeast Asian river basins as simulated by PCMDI/CMIP3 experiments   
S. Hasson, V. Lucarini, and S. Pascale
Page(s) 109-177
Abstract   Discussion paper (PDF, 17118 KB)   Interactive discussion (closed, 4 comments)   Final revised paper (ESD)   Special issue

  22 Jan 2013
A theoretical framework for the net land-to-atmosphere CO2 flux and its implications in the definition of "emissions from land-use change"   
T. Gasser and P. Ciais
Page(s) 179-217
Abstract   Discussion paper (PDF, 1100 KB)   Interactive discussion (closed, 5 comments)   Final revised paper (ESD)   

  31 Jan 2013
Comment on "Polynomial cointegration tests of anthropogenic impact on global warming" by Beenstock et al. (2012) – Some fallacies in econometric modelling of climate change   
D. F. Hendry and F. Pretis
Page(s) 219-233
Abstract   Discussion paper (PDF, 765 KB)   Interactive discussion (closed, 5 comments)   Corresponding article   Final revised paper (ESD)   

  06 Feb 2013
Implications of accounting for land use in simulations of ecosystem services and carbon cycling in Africa   
M. Lindeskog, A. Arneth, A. Bondeau, K. Waha, J. Seaquist, S. Olin, and B. Smith
Page(s) 235-278
Abstract   Discussion paper (PDF, 3874 KB)   Interactive discussion (closed, 7 comments)   Final revised paper (ESD)   Special issue

  07 Feb 2013
Comparing projections of future changes in runoff and water resources from hydrological and ecosystem models in ISI-MIP   
J. C. S. Davie, P. D. Falloon, R. Kahana, R. Dankers, R. Betts, F. T. Portmann, D. B. Clark, A. Itoh, Y. Masaki, K. Nishina, B. Fekete, Z. Tessler, X. Liu, Q. Tang, S. Hagemann, T. Stacke, R. Pavlick, S. Schaphoff, S. N. Gosling, W. Franssen, and N. Arnell
Page(s) 279-315
Abstract   Discussion paper (PDF, 5087 KB)   Supplement (1655 KB)   Interactive discussion (closed, 3 comments)   Final revised paper (ESD)   Special issue

  13 Feb 2013
Can bioenergy cropping compensate high carbon emissions from large-scale deforestation of mid to high latitudes?   
P. Dass, C. Müller, V. Brovkin, and W. Cramer
Page(s) 317-354
Abstract   Discussion paper (PDF, 2083 KB)   Interactive discussion (closed, 4 comments)   Final revised paper (ESD)   Special issue

  20 Feb 2013
Global modeling of withdrawal, allocation and consumptive use of surface water and groundwater resources   
Y. Wada, D. Wisser, and M. F. P. Bierkens
Page(s) 355-392
Abstract   Discussion paper (PDF, 1804 KB)   Interactive discussion (closed, 7 comments)   Final revised paper (ESD)   

  27 Feb 2013
The sensitivity of the energy budget and hydrological cycle to CO2 and solar forcing   
N. Schaller, J. Cermak, M. Wild, and R. Knutti
Page(s) 393-428
Abstract   Discussion paper (PDF, 1367 KB)   Interactive discussion (closed, 5 comments)   Final revised paper (ESD)   

  18 Mar 2013
Trend of standardized precipitation index during Indian summer monsoon season in agroclimatic zones of India   
S. Jha, V. K. Sehgal, R. Raghava, and M. Sinha
Page(s) 429-449
Abstract   Discussion paper (PDF, 1387 KB)   Interactive discussion (closed, 2 comments)   Publication in ESD not foreseen   

  18 Apr 2013
Agnotology: learning from mistakes   
R. E. Benestad, H. O. Hygen, R. van Dorland, J. Cook, and D. Nuccitelli
Page(s) 451-505
Abstract   Discussion paper (PDF, 1171 KB)   Interactive discussion (closed, 33 comments)   Publication in ESD not foreseen   

  03 May 2013
The impact of nitrogen and phosphorous limitation on the estimated terrestrial carbon balance and warming of land use change over the last 156 yr   
Q. Zhang, A. J. Pitman, Y. P. Wang, Y. Dai, and P. J. Lawrence
Page(s) 507-539
Abstract   Discussion paper (PDF, 2833 KB)   Interactive discussion (closed, 4 comments)   Final revised paper (ESD)   

  08 May 2013
Critical impacts of global warming on land ecosystems   
S. Ostberg, W. Lucht, S. Schaphoff, and D. Gerten
Page(s) 541-565
Abstract   Discussion paper (PDF, 2382 KB)   Supplement (12604 KB)   Interactive discussion (closed, 4 comments)   Final revised paper (ESD)   

  16 May 2013
Modelling multiple threats to water security in the Peruvian Amazon using the WaterWorld Policy Support System   
A. J. J. van Soesbergen and M. Mulligan
Page(s) 567-594
Abstract   Discussion paper (PDF, 4467 KB)   Interactive discussion (closed, 7 comments)   Final revised paper (ESD)   Special issue

  27 Jun 2013
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